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The Club Committee facilitates the night, but it is the parents who make it happen.  The age groups cannot start without the age manager and their team to organise and supervise the group.

Be prepared to be involved. It is great fun going around with the kids and watching them perform. A roster will be provided so each group knows when and what they will be helping with throughout the season.  Activities which require support include:

Set up (min 2 helpers) – arrive at grounds at 5.45pm to set up equipment for night’s competition
Pack up (min 2 helpers) – pack away equipment at end of night
BBQ (min 2 helpers) – cook and serve BBQ supplies for canteen
Officials – all parents will be requested to help when available before each night commences.

If your athlete competes at an external event (Zone, Region etc) you ARE REQUIRED to help on the day.

Sign up to our weekly volunteer roster