How to Register

2021/22 Season Registration is now open! 

Age groups

Age groups are determined by the age you turn in the calendar year the season finishes (2022).


Trial for New Athletes

New athletes can take part in a two week trial for $20. This money will go towards uniform purchase if they decide to register for the season at the end of the trial. To take part in a trial please sign up here:

Active Kids Vouchers

Active Kids voucher can be used towards registration fees however these must be applied at the time of registering and paying online. Please read the below instructions before beginning the registration process:

Registration Tips 

We have a new system for 2021-2022 season. You will need to sign up and set your own password. The following is the process.

Access Rouse Hill Rams Little Athletics registration page by going to

  1. First page if no linked members to the email address select new participant. This should be the child’s name, with parents’ email and phone number.
  2. You will then be required to select the child you are registering.
  3. You must select only 1 member type for each child.
  4. Next page will have both LANSW and centre fee, except for trials as it will only be the centres. Do not continue if both are not display and contact centre or
  5. You will then be required to complete address and questions.
  6. This year members will be required to upload proof of age or show to the centre.
  7. Next page will show the summary, this will have both fees and any merchandise if applicable.
  8. Add your Active Kids Voucher and click on apply. It will then deduct the $100 from the payment. Voucher Provider is the NSW Government as displayed.
  9. If adding another child click the register another person.
  10. You must then select the appropriate 2nd
  11. If a centre gives a discount this will be display on the next page.
  12. You can repeat for each child and make the payment.
  13. Remember to only select one member type for each child.


Fees for registration

For the first time we will be offering a sibling discount for those with more than two children. Fees are:

  • Tots-6s $125
  • Under 7-16
  • 1st child $155
  • 2nd child $155
  • 3rd child $140
  • 4th $100