Age Managers

An age manager is a volunteer that will lead the age group through their events each week. The age manager will ensure the athletes are using the correct technique and teach them skills along the way. Please support your child’s age manager by asking if they need assistance whether it’s measuring, retrieving or recording results.

Tots  Kylie Behrens
 6 girls  Helen Macri
 7 girls  Michelle White
8 girls Paul Guirreri

Dana Baker

Peter White

9 girls  Phillip Boys


10 girls  Alice Gravina
 11 girls  Tim White
12 girls  Michael Lean
13-14 girls Martin Khol

Matt Tinker

15-17 girls Melanie Bale

Werner Odendall

Martin Khol



6 boys Lauren Wells
Craig Wells
7 boys George Portelli
8 boys  Kimball Hobby
9 boys Daniel Gravina
Anthony Marshall
10 boys Heidi Odendaal
11 boys Emilie Keller
Melanie Bale
12 boys  Brian Lawrence
13 boys Regan Martin
14 boys Belinda Alexander
15-17 boys Christine Archer